Policy for Store's Shipping, Refund, and Exchange

1. I need to decorate flowers and balloons right now or tomorrow.
All decoration services are available depending on our schedules and the decoration sizes of ? balloons or flowers. If you contact us by email,, we will reply within 24 hours.

2. I want to have delivery of a balloon bouquet on the same day.
The delivery date on the same day cannot be specified Online, so please order by phone. 213-268-4825.

* Delivery of a flower bouquet is not available on the same day. If you keep flowers in the refrigerator, the vitality of the flowers is reduced, and it will soon wilt. Angeles ships or delivers flowers coming from a flower market every day at the dawn as much as the order quantities.

3. If flowers are shipped or delivered to different address due to a customer's mistake, a round-trip cost will be charged for re-delivery or re-shipping.

* Flower Shipping Flowers that are shipped incorrectly cannot be sold because the value of the product is lost while in the process of shipping. So, for re-shipping, the cost of flowers and re-shipping will be charged.

4. I want to cancel, change or add an order.
The order cannot be canceled or changed after 2 hours from the order because the design teams finished the design and completed the product. However, it is possible to be changed a little bit of color or added a new color before leaving for delivery or shipping. E-mail Inquiry:

5. If you have a problem with the product when you receive it, please contact us on the day of receiving it. If you contact us the day after receiving it, it will not be exchanged or returned it.

1) Photos of a damaged product
2) Customer's Name?
3) Order Date
4) Telephone No.
5) E-mail?

We will contact you immediately after confirming all the information, and we will exchange it with the same or another product.

If a customer accidentally damages the product, it will not be exchanged or returned. If there is a problem with delivery or shipping occurred by Angeles, 100% of exchange and return will be possible. ?We will remind you that if a customer accidentally damages the product, it will not be exchanged or returned.

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